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Silverstorm Hat Bands by Emory Wentling

Emory Wentling was born to make silver conchos. Large and small, stamped and inlaid, set with turquoise, coral, lapis and spiny oyster shell, they are linked together to form bracelets, belts, earrings and hatbands. They are the signature of his body of work.

Born in Taos to his silversmith father and artist mother, Emory crafted his first concho at the age of 7 and has apparently not stopped since. Raised in what he terms “spectacular rural locations”, Emory’s time in and around the Rocky Mountain states has influenced his style – a kind of fusion of western styling and Native American patterns. Delicate, intricate stampwork so fine it almost looks engraved, is sometimes offset by beautiful, colorful stones in sterling silver and occasionally gold. Following in his family footsteps, Emory makes hatbands for us now, as his father did for Kevin O’Farrell. A prolific artist, Emory draws his creativity from a balance of work and play, and a love of the landscapes that surround him.