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O'Farrell Hat Company - Santa Fe, New Mexico

There's something about wearing a truly fine Custom Cowboy Hat that excites a person.
Here at O'Farrell Hat Company in Santa Fe, New Mexico, we feel it too and have been hand-making fur felt hats here in America using old world techniques for 30 years. So what makes it 'custom'? What makes an O'Farrell the finest hat you can buy? The fit - the style & shape - the materials - and the skill and craftsmanship that go into each one. Click here to see a video of how a custom O'Farrell hat is made.

O'Farrell Hats

You can now choose from over 100 hats that make sense for your style.

Hat Bands

Check out our numerous O'Farrell Custom Hatbands and Accessories.


O'Farrell Featured on the new season of Longmire.