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Anatomy of an O'Farrell
The Felt, The Feel, and the Finish

The Crown
To a hatter, this is the crowning showpiece and should be proportional to your face. The indentations on the side are the creases and their varieties are almost limitless.

The Felt
Choose from our Pure Beaver Fur (pure means 100%) or our Beaver & European Hare blend. We carefully brush, sand and hand-hone to the finest felt you can buy. This gives the hat a tremendous "memory" to keep its shape in all kinds of weather.

The Brim
As with the crown, the variety of brim styles (width, with a pencil roll like the one here -or-without), make your hat unique.

The brim has a firmer body for handling and some styles have a ribbon "binding" along the edge. NEVER lay your hat down on a flat surface on its brim as this will eventually create a flat area on the front and back. Please turn it upside down on its crown or turn the sweatband inside out and stand it on the sweatband if it's wet.

The Sweatband
Ours is made of superior porous goatskin or sheepskin, cut and sewn at the perfect angle to conform to your head, allow it to "breathe" comfortably and resist perspiration stains.

The Hatband
The trimmings, the icing on the cake. Our hatbands aren't just after-thoughts. They are from the finest artisans we can find in the Southwest and each one is unique. Take your pick from silver, gold, leather, bead, quill, horsehair, or French ribbon.

The Lining
Up inside the crown, your hat will be lined by fine satin with the O'Farrell crest.

The Fit
If you can give us an accurate measurement of your head circumference (about 1/4" above your ears), we can incorporate that as we build your hat. It is also important to know, if possible, how your head is shaped (round-oval, long-oval or extra long-oval). in order for us to make it comfortable.

The BEST bet, of course, is to come to our shop and let us use the Conformateur to make yours a remarkable custom fit.